Annie Haak Designs opened it's online jewellery boutique at the end of 2009. Now in our third we are one of the fastest growing online jewellery brands.


Online fashion e-tailing is big business. Not only did the recession hit hard and cause closures to high street shops but it also saw many people were looking for new creative career options and subsequently started up online fashion businesses.


So, how has the digital fashion industry affected business? When asked this question by TNW iPad Magazine Aaron Schwartz, Founder and CEO of Modify Watches, talked about how selling and interacting online can really help independent brands to build awareness.


This is something that Annie Haak Designs has demonstrated by creating a prominent jewellery brand, loved by celebrities such as Dannii Minogue and Elle Macpherson, by selling from an online boutique.


Here’s Aaron’s reply:

“The Internet has helped the awareness of the ‘small guys,’ as opposed to days when the only brands that would thrive were the ones that could afford to open up a brick-and-mortar in the most prominent locations. Now, brands with a personality that resonates with audiences (e.g. Bonobos) can come to life in an interactive way. The Internet also makes it easier to find reviews about products and learn what your friends have purchased. These two factors combine to allow great products to shine through, whether those products come from established or new brands.”

In answer to the same question, Nancy T. Nguyen (Ms. Corporate America 2011 and Founder of Sweet T) highlighted how shopping online can save customers’ valuable time.


If you’re searching for the perfect gift or a treat for yourself, you can save plenty of time by shopping at from the comfort of your own home – no travelling, no parking and no queues! What’s more, we include measurements for our individual jewellery pieces in our product descriptions but if you have any questions or would like a custom-size, please get in touch.


Here’s what Nancy said:

“I have been buying and selling clothes online since 2002 — just tonight, I bought a cute dress for $5 from a Craigslist buyer and love it! The Internet has changed how people view shopping online as a timesaver. It is so much easier to order something online when you know the exact measurements than it would be to browse the mall. For fashionistas who love what celebrities wear, the Internet allows them to know who the designers are immediately.”

While, Doreen Bloch, Founder and CEO of Poshly talked about the importance of an online fashion brand offering a personalised shopping experience because personalisation is what online shoppers want:


“My work as founder and CEO of Poshly Inc. hinges on a vision of the fashionable future being all about personalized shopping online. We believe it is inevitable and exciting....This is yearned for by fashionable consumers who are already burdened by thousands of product choices and myriad product literature...Fashion is a massive industry, and e-commerce is even bigger. There will be more hardcore technology coming into the space to cater to the whole ecosystem around style shoppers. I believe that products and services online, on mobile, and in-store must cater to the consumer’s unique sense of self.”