It’s our mantra at Annie Haak Designs to look and feel fabulous. This is a philosophy that we live by when hand-crafting our sterling silver jewellery and this is an ethos that we like to share with all our lovely customers who wear our bracelets, necklaces and rings.


There are many mantras and mottos that we adopt through life. These might stem from life-changing events or sheer determination to strive for a happier existence. They provide us with inspiration, help us to keep on track and to feel more positive.  


At Annie Haak we choose to live by guiding principles that make us feel good, so when you choose one of our mantra hearts on a piece of jewellery you really are well on your way to looking and feeling fabulous!


Here are some of our favourite guiding mottos you can choose:


  • Follow your dreams
  • Happiness, Health, Hope
  • Laughter, Love, Life
  • May the sun always shine on you
  • Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Lots


Is Laughter, Love and Life your guiding motto? If so, the Sama Sparkle Silver and Crystal Charm Bracelet could have been designed just for you. This gorgeous and glitteringly glamorous piece comes complete with a personalised initial heart, an open heart, a butterfly, a dragonfly, and a Laughter, Love Life mantra heart charm.


Our Suka Pearl and Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet, Suka Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet, Suka Purple Amethyst and Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet and Suka Black Onyx and Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet (as worn by style-icon Dannii minogue) all feature a sterling silver heart; a choice of initial and feel-good moto, and a puffed heart charm. You can not only choose a trio of bracelets in a colour-way that you love but you can also wear the moto that makes you feel great. 


We’d love to know what your favourite guiding motto is and why it's so important to you it, if you’d like to share then please leave us a comment below.