In a recent interview with Marc Malkin HollyWood hunk George Clooney revealed what a thoroughly nice chap he is. You might have thought he’d have a say about what girlfriend Stacy Keibler wears when they’re out and about in Tinseltown but it seems he has every faith in his other half's judgement, when it comes to choice of dress, accessories and jewellery.


The silver fox revealed at the Palms Springs International Film Festival gala that he thinks his gorgeous girlfriend has fab taste and that he fully understands the hoops us girls jump through to look good: "She's got such good taste...It's so much harder for women. I go in, get my tux and stick it on. She can't wear the same dress twice. You get killed if you do."


We’re sure that most of you will be with Stacy Kiebler who, in response to George’s comment,  admitted that she’d much rather come back as a man in her next life as it’s far simpler.


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