There are so many fabulous female jewellery designers rocking the industry today, our very own Annie Haak included of course, but who knew that jewellery design was in our genetic make-up? The remains of a cavewoman have revealed that her prehistoric trade was that of a metal worker, which has totally turned the tables with regard to gender role stereotypes.


The skeleton, dating back to the Bronze Age, which brought this historical breakthrough to light was found north of Vienna. Archaeologists have aged the woman at around 50-years-old and have concluded from the tools, an anvil and hammer included, as well as the small pieces of jewellery found in her grave that she was a fine metal worker. Experts believe that she was buried with the tools of her trade to take to the afterlife, a Bronze Age ritual.


Many of the great jewellery houses might have been founded by men but it seems that it’s time for the likes of Cartier and Tiffany & Co to move aside and make way because women are the original jewellery crafters, our cavewomen ancestry says so!


Since Annie started putting pen to paper in 2009, we always knew that she was born to design and create jewellery. Just look at how naturally she comes up with the designs for sterling silver necklaces that look amazing from desk to dinner. Consider the skill with which she envisions charm bracelets that will look equally sensational worn singularly as statement pieces or stacked with others. How about the elegant way in which she crafts the finest sterling silver to create earrings and rings that will add that extra sparkle to any outfit?


There is certainly something innate about the way that Annie Haak manages to create best-selling pieces season after season and continually delights customers. We attribute much of this success to Annie’s talents and the team always knew that such a panache for metal work must have had a bit of extra girl-power behind it ;-) Check out the feminine flair in our latest collection.