Spring is almost here and we’re feeling very auspicious in the Annie Haak studio, being the fashion-forward jewellery designers that we are. We’ve looked into our crystal ball and we predict that crystal jewellery is making a comeback in a big way. And, as Mystic Meg would have said, you’ll be wearing it too-ooo-oo.


Necklaces that sparkle from Nina Ricci, earrings that twinkle from Prada and bracelets that shimmer and shine from Chanel have been rocking the catwalks and are hot tips for Spring/Summer 2012.  Who doesn’t like shaking their thing in a bit of bling?


We realise that diamonds are to girls what dogs are to fellas but, let us tell you, Austrian Swarovski crystal beads can be pretty good buddies too and, as well as being a fantastically affordable alternative to diamonds, crystals are versatile, glitteringly beautiful and look fabulous featured on sterling silver charm bracelets, set in sterling silver earrings and hanging on sterling silver pendants.


Take our Hati Sterling Silver and Gemstone Heart Necklace and Hati Sterling Silver and Gemstone Star Necklace, each one featuring its own cutesy sterling silver charm set with a shimmering semi-precious crystal. These not only come set with a gorgeous clear crystal but can also be set with your choice of ruby, amethyst, peridot (light green) or aquamarine semi-precious gemstones. Hati Sterling Silver Heart Rings and Hati Sterling Silver and Gemstone Heart Earrings as well as Sterling Silver and Gemstone Star Earrings are also available for you to mix and match.


Also setting our 2012 jewellery collection a-sparkle are the Jasmine Sterling Silver and Crystal Ball Bracelet with heart detail and the Jasmine Sterling Silver and Crystal Ball Bracelet with star detail. These chunky sterling silver charm bracelets with 3mm, 8mm and 10mm balls, feature a 15mm clear crystal ball with either sterling silver heart detail or star detail to the top and bottom.


Adding a romantic touch is our Sterling Silver Solid Heart and Crystal Bracelet. Both adorable and affordable, this original Annie Haak creation has been lovingly hand-beaded with sterling silver beads, Swarovski crystals and a solid silver heart charm. It will look great worm as a single piece or stacked with other gorgeous sterling silver and crystal bracelets such as any of our Sama Sparkle Silver and Clear Crystal Charm Bracelets.


We bet you’ve got a crystal-like glint in your eye now, so happy shopping!