Elizabeth Gilbert left her life behind to travel the world 'in search of everything'. She finally discovered the powers of nourishment, prayer and love on the Indonesian island of Bali. She tells her story in her best-selling memoir; ‘Eat Pray Love’, now a film starring Julia Roberts.


Annie Haak was similarly moved by the energy and breathtaking beauty of Bali. During numerous visits to the Indonesian archipelago with her husband, Annie was touched by the people and culture of the island. "Magic and mystery are an intrinsic part of the daily life of the Balinese. These peaceful, kind and gentle people have a love of beauty and art, a love of life and their land".


Annie was enchanted by the artisanry and craftsmanship she saw around her. "It seems as though every Balinese practices at least one craft or art. Balinese gold and silversmiths, metal workers, wood and stone carvers, weavers, batik artists, leather workers, tailors, painters, photographers, musicians, dancers, singers, writers and poets create a world of beauty and wonder."


Inspired by all she saw, Annie began to capture the energy and spirituality that embraced her in a book of pencil drawings. These simple hand sketches conveyed great energy and life, exploring the line and form of Bali’s beauty and heritage, and were the influence for her early jewellery designs.


Annie's sterling silver jewellery continues to be influenced by what has become a love-affair with Bali.

Her latest collection includes the 3-strand Santi My Guardian Angel Bracelet, featuring Annie's signature guardian angel charm and a 'Laughter Love Life' heart charm and the Santi Inspiration Bracelet, featuring a silver tassel, 'Happiness, Health, Hope' heart charm and a silver buddha.


Santi My Guardian Angel bracelet



Santi My Guardian Angel Bracelet



Santi Inspiration bracelet



Santi Inspiration Bracelet