Forbes has just named singer-songwriter and ever-shocking, forward-thinking maker of fashion statements Lady Gaga as the Most Powerful Celebrity in the World.


It seems that Gaga was the Highest Earning Female Artist of 2011 and she made a cool £58 million. US artist Taylor Swift took the title of second highest earner, Katy Perry was third, Beyonce fourth and Rihana came just behind in fifth place. These well-off pop princesses certainly give X Factor winners and style starlets Little Mix plenty to live up to.


Adele was the only British female artist on Forbes’ list, with her 21 album raking in an impressive £11.5 million this past year. That would buy the talented singer a fair few pieces of sterling silver jewellery from Annie Haak Designs! 


Love her or loathe her, does money really make the woman all-powerful or was Gaga just Born This Way? Is she a style icon or a fashion faux pas? We’d love to know your thoughts on whether Lady Gaga really is the most powerful celeb worldwide and who you would nominate to take her place. Please leave your comments below.