A study conducted in the US recently revealed that almost half of American women feel the need to wear make-up in order to look and feel good. Annie Haak Designs understands how important it is to look and feel good and this is what inspires our sterling silver jewellery designs.


The study conducted for Renfrew Center found that women are more likely to wear make-up to hide the bits that they’re ashamed of, such as bags, wrinkles and blemishes, rather than to highlight what they were born with. Almost half (44%) of the 1292 women who took part in the study revealed that they don’t feel positive about themselves unless they are wearing make-up.


Fourteen per cent revealed that they felt “self-conscious” without make-up and 16% said that they don’t feel attractive unless armoured with a layer of foundation and a sweep of mascara. It also seems that these feelings of self-consciousness are starting earlier with 25% of women beginning to wear make-up at or before 13 years old.


It’s not good to hear that US woman are feeling so down about themselves but the good news is that there’s more to life than make-up, which if worn religiously each day can prevent the skin from breathing and clog the pores.  Here’s a word from our jewellery designer Annie Haak:


“We know that many women can feel just as undressed without jewellery as they do without make-up and that popping on a sterling silver necklace or a pair of silver earrings can do wonders for self-esteem. Our aim at Annie Haak Designs is to make you look and feel fabulous, everyday. We are passionate about creating gorgeous sterling silver jewellery that is easy to wear and that will make you radiate confidence.”


Slipping on one of our sterling silver charm bracelets is far easier than applying your lippie with finesse and it will last a lot longer too - fact!