Actress Reece Witherspoon & TV presenter Wendy Turner presented a petition against domestic violence in the UK to Gordon Brown last week.

The Oscar winning actress gave a keynote speech at The House of Commons as part of a 16-day ‘Refuge and Speak out Against Domestic Violence Campaign’, saying:’ Domestic violence is a global pandemic that knows no barriers - no geographic, demographic, or socio-economic barrier.

‘There remains what can seem like an impenetrable wall of silence, around violence. And we must all play a role in breaking that silence.’

Wendy Turner, who wore her Annie Haak Designs My Guardian Angel necklace to the event and to an earlier interview on GMTV, is herself a victim of domestic abuse. ‘The basic fact is that you have no mental resources available to you to get away. Quite simply, you have been reduced to nothing. You believe you are nothing.’ She said.