It seems that grey locks are hot right now and what better way is there to set off your grey lustre than with a bit of sparkling silver jewellery? None, we say!


We’ve seen grey gracing Red Carpets and catwalks of late on celebs of all ages. Both Lady Gaga and Kelly Osborne have gone silver as fashion statements and it doesn’t just look distinguished, it looks delectable.


According to recent reports, the trend has caught on and there’s even a new breed of professional women called the “grey panther”. Grey panthers are ladies who aspire to get ahead in their jobs while maintaining a head of grey hair. Working women face all kinds of worries about age discrimination, including greying hair affecting their career prospects. However, the grey panthers believe in the modern women’s right to embrace nature and having the strength of character to do so.


Today around 95% of women dye their hair to look and feel good about themselves, but is it really necessary? Well, if silver locks are good enough for fashionistas...Besides, there’s not always time to get your hair coloured. A colour at a hair salon can take a good couple of hours and it’s not always the healthiest option for naturally greying hair, especially when it needs touching up so regularly.


On the other hand, slipping on a pair of silver earrings or a silver bracelet takes much less effort and has the instant effect of making you look and feel amazing. Annie Haak Designs has plenty of sterling silver jewellery that will complement your grey hair with a refined silver shimmer, making you the envy of all your out-of-a-bottle friends.


Look uniquely chic and pick out those gorgeous grey-tones with our Sama Casper Silver and Charcoal Charm Bracelet. Thisfive strand bracelet combines sterling silver balls, and tubes with charcoal semi-precious stones and our sterling silver charms: a butterfly, dragonfly, open heart, flower heart and solid heart – gorgeous!


For more of a fashion statement and to set off white streaks with a real touch of elegance why not try a pair of our Sterling Silver and Pearl Dangle Earrings? Very Audrey Hepburn!


Just looking to add a bit of sparkle and make those silver locks shine? Try our Gili Luxury Sterling Silver Tassel Necklace, for a touch of glitz and glamour with a nod to the twenties trend.