While not being known as terribly earth-friendly, it appears that the fashion industry could be going green if Christie’s most recent Green Auction is anything to go by. The event revealed that the fashion industry’s pulling together to become more eco-conscious and the Annie Haak team thinks this is great news!


The industry’s been criticised for having a very disposable nature and activists have demonstrated against the non-eco production of clothing and fashion accessories in countries such as China. 


This was the third annual Green Auction: Bid to Save the Earth held by Christie’s in New York and the fundraiser, with a focus on raising awareness about the environment, brought in more than $600,000 for: Oceana, Conservation International, the Central Park Conservancy and the Natural Resources Defense Council [NRDC].


Vogue editor Anna Wintour commented in a video shown at the event:


“This is something that we have to do together.”


High-fashion favourites such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney have made a start with their Creative Sustainability Lab. High street brand H&M are also making an eco-effort. They not only have a Conscious Collection, which uses organic cottons and recycled plastic bottles among other sustainable materials, but they also used lower-impact water-based solvents to make almost 2.5 million pairs of shoes last year.


Globalist, David Rockefeller said:


“I think the [fashion] industry is making great progress in terms of going green, and it’s doing it in a way that shows consumers that ‘green’ doesn’t have to mean unstylish or boring.”


“Many fashion companies are thinking about how to protect the environment, while still producing their visions.”


While there’s still a long way for the fashion industry to go, this is an encouraging start and our very own fashion accessory designer, Annie Haak, says:


“We embrace natural materials to create our sterling silver jewellery and strive to use sustainable resources wherever possible. Just some of the natural materials we use include natural gemstones, pearl shells, silk cord and even the leather used in our Wanti-Wanti Wraps Sterling Silver and Leather Wrap Bracelets.