Annie Haak Designs loves Katy Perry’s style! At Annie Haak we tap into key trends but we also maintain that individual style, meaning you’ll always be able to identify a true piece of Annie Haak in a sterling silver jewellery line-up. We’re told that’s one of the things that our customers love best about our necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.


Katy Perry, who has named animated sitcom star Judy Jetson among her fashion icons, has the confidence to take fashion with a pinch of salt and we love her confidence and frivolous styling. Katy recently told Teen Vogue:


“I don’t like to take fashion too seriously. I love it, and I am so grateful when big brands want to associate with me, but mostly I just want to take chances and have fun and truly live. Sometimes that means wearing some ridiculous, cat-inspired outfit rather than whatever happens to be in this season.”


The 27-year-old singer also named Hollywood’s Natalie Wood, British model Agyness Deyn, actress and fashion designer Chloë Sevigny and fashionista Daphne Guinness as her style icons. Wonder Woman’s name was mentioned as one of Katy’s inspirations too – that explains the turquoise locks that coordinate so beautifully with our Gili Chinese Turquoise Cross Rosary Necklace! Katy says she admires them most for their personal style:


 “They have the ability to adapt and evolve and change...Like, I’m still doing the pinup thing, but now when I do it, I want to be the pinup of the future, like Rachael in Blade Runner....


 “I stopped focusing on what other people think a while ago. If you try to be everything to everyone, you’ll only end up completely confused.”


We like your mantra Katy – be your own woman and embrace your own style! We’re sure there’ll be something that’s right up your street in our latest collection of sterling silver jewellery, no matter who your fashion icon is.