The sun is out, fabulous feminine florals are on-trend, the wedding season is in full throng and there’s nothing more gorgeous than sterling silver jewellery and pretty pearls glistening in the sunlight. With this in mind, we thought we’d share with you how to keep your Annie Haak Designs pearl jewellery in top condition.


Pearls are dainty, delicate, special and natural – they are the gemstones of oysters. What’s more they’re timeless so we’re sure they’ll always be room for them in the Annie Haak collection. In our latest collection, you’ll find Sterling Silver Pearl and Heart Earrings with their oh-so-dainty silver heart detail, Sterling Silver and Pearl Droplet Earrings with a hint of Great Gatsby chic, the stunning Suka Pearl and Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet trio and our divine Gili Rosary Silver Heart Necklace featuring freshwater pearls – and that’s just for starters! Once you’ve decided which pearls you can’t be seen without, here’s how to look after them:


How to clean your pearl jewellery

Make sure to clean these precious gemstones with a soft jewellery cloth each time that you wear them. Also, clean your pearls with warm, mild soapy water regularly. Then, place them on a towel and allow them to dry naturally before wearing them again or putting them away.


How to care for your pearl jewellery

Your pearl jewellery should be the last thing that you put on when you get dressed. Make up and perfume can corrode pearls as they are vulnerable to acids. Put them on at least 30 minutes after you have used sprays etc.


How to keep pearl jewellery gleaming

As pearls are the gemstones of the sea they love moisture. Make sure to wear your pearl jewellery regularly so that they can be exposed to the humidity in the air. When storing pearls away, keep them near a moist sponge so that they can maintain lustre.


How to store your pearl jewellery

Never expose your pearls to extreme temperatures. It’s a good idea to keep them stored in a velvet lined box or a soft jewellery bag, such as the one that your Annie Haak Designs jewellery will be delivered to you in.


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