The Annie Haak Designs team can’t wait until 5th December when Unexpected Pleasures: The Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery opens at London’s Design Museum. At last, an exhibition exploring the meanings of jewellery while celebrating jewellery from the points of view of both wearer and creator!


Unexpected Pleasures explores what society values and regards as precious, with a focus on contemporary jewellery design rather than traditional perceptions. The exhibition explores how the contemporary jewellery movement, which started in the late 1970s, brought with it a shift in thought. Jewellery, its social context and the perception of what was precious became less about monetary value and more about personal opinion and association.


Our  own contemporary jewellery designer, Annie Haak, comments:


“We totally embrace contemporary jewellery design. While we use the finest sterling silver and natural gemstones to create our jewellery, we know how much our customers love the uniqueness and extra special touch of having personalised jewellery with a meaningful engraving or chosen charm. This makes our sterling silver jewellery more valuable and enjoyable in the eye of the beholder than all the diamonds in the world.”


With displays from jewellery designers such as Wendy Ramshaw and Alexander Calder, this exhibition explores a number of themes, including:


  • Worn Out - celebrating the experience of wearing jewellery
  • Linking Links - looking at the ways in which meaning and narratives are expressed in jewellery
  • A Fine Line - offering insight into the origins of contemporary jewellery, highlighting key instigators of the contemporary jewellery movement

The Unexpected Pleasures exhibition, curated by jewellery designer Dr. Susan Cohn, will be on display from 5th December, 2012, until 3rd March 3, 2013, at the Design Museum, London.