How to accessorise your transeasonal look

Ok, so we know that spring is on its way but there's still a lot of winter to go.  Whilst the weather may be dreary and the evening too long, that doesn’t mean to say your look needs to be dull and dank. Annie Haak Designs is here to make the transeasonal time between winter and spring all sparkly and sensational with our new range of hematite and sterling silver jewellery.


What is hematite?

Hematite is a silver/steel grey/black semi-precious gemstone, the mineral form of Iron Oxide. The word hematite (or haematite) originates from the Greek for blood and is also known as the “blood stone”. In ancient times it was used as an amulet against bleeding and today is believed to aid blood conditions by stimulating the absorption of iron and formation of red blood cells.

Renowned as a gemstone that makes us feel safe and grounded, hematite can aid concentration, increase intuition, dissolve negativity and boost self-esteem. Some wearers also believe that it helps to improve personal relationships by focusing energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit.


What hematite treats does Annie Haak Designs have to offer?

Dainty hematite - Santeenies - Sterling silver and Hematite charm bracelets

Are you looking for some glitz and glamour? These delectably dainty Santeenies - Sterling silver and Hematite charm bracelets, featuring 2mm hematite beads and your choice of sterling silver charm will look subtle and sophisticated when worn alone or make a stunning style statement when stacked.


Glistening hematite - Sparkle Pendant Necklace - Grey Hematite and Sterling Silver - 3mm beads


Add a luxurious touch to your winter wardrobe with a sparkling statement necklace. This gorgeous 100 cm long necklace, complete with 3mm semi-precious faceted grey hematite and 1.8mm sterling silver balls as well as a faceted grey hematite tassel pendant, will add a bit of stardust during drizzly weather. Why not add matching Sterling Silver Heart Tassel Earrings for ultimate razzle dazzle?


Heavenly hematite- Lotus Pendant Necklace - Sterling Silver and Hematite - 2mm beads

For those that fancy a subtle sprinkling of hematite magic, how about our totally divine Lotus Pendant Necklace - Sterling Silver and Hematite, featuring our favourite My Guardian Angel charm? This fabulous long necklace offers you the opportunity to achieve just-off-the-catwalk chic and add a little celestial light to those dark days.

Don’t forget to check out our latest sterling silver jewellery collection that’s also brimming with colourful beaded bracelets and leather and silk wraps as well super-cute short silver necklaces, stunning sterling silver earrings and rings that will make your digits dazzle.