Nicole Richie’s fashion accessory tips

We’re all familiar with Nicole Richie’s style staple, no? The socialite turned fashion designer loves  nothing more than to don sizeable sunglasses, no matter where she’s heading, so it should be of no surprise that she’s totally on-board with Annie Haak Design’s style philosophy of layering jewellery.


While the fabulous fashionista has advised that trend-followers should avoid going for too many hues when wearing graphic prints, Ms Richie’s also got some wise words to share with regard to looking effortlessly stylish in fashion accessories. In an interview with People magazine she revealed: 


''Look for prints that have a darker background and the accent is a pop of colour, as opposed to a large, overall bright print. 'That's the difference in what makes you look like a colourful tent or actually complementing the body.


''If I was telling someone how to accessorise, I would just say keep throwing on the jewellery, keep throwing on the glasses - that's just how I do it. But you have to do what's comfortable for you.''


Annie Haak fans will know that Annie creates sterling silver jewellery to be worn with this fresh and fun attitude towards style in mind. Each piece is hand-crafted with love to make sure that the wearer looks and feels fabulous. Also, while our sterling silver bracelets can be worn stacked with other bracelets - some with silver charms and others with colour-popping Swarovski gemstones - short delicate silver necklaces can be combined with larger statement necklaces for the ultimate OTM look.


Our jewellery is designed to be combined (oh, that rhymes) so it’s up to you to put together the pieces that you love and achieve the look that you adore. As Nicole says, “do what’s comfortable for you,” make your sterling silver jewellery your own. With so many Annie Haak Designs pieces to choose from - many featuring new gemstones in our latest collection such as hematite, cornelian and garnet -  you will be able to achieve your personal style staples and look as effortlessly stylish as Nicole and her fellow trend-setters.