Founder, Designer & Managing Director

As a former children’s painter and handmade card designer, Annie Haak lives and breathes creativity and design. Whilst harbouring a dream of her own, she started working for a friend at her local jewellery label in 2009, where her skill and love for the pieces blossomed.

Her dream started to take shape out of near tragedy: her husband Johnie was critically injured in a motorcycle accident in Bali. Watching over Johnie that day was his Guardian Angel and so became the signature piece for Annie Haak Designs, the ‘My Guardian Angel’ charm. On that trip, a chance encounter with a taxi driver became the turning point in ANNIE HAAK Designs as he introduced Annie to a local silversmith, who breathed life into her designs.

‘Each of my designs carry significant meaning to me,’ says Annie,

They symbolise love, strength, protection and wellbeing; the ‘My Guardian Angel’ charm was born in response to Johnie’s accident, 15 well-being mottos feature throughout every collection engraved onto silver charms, and the three hearts that make up my logo represent each of my three children: Anoushka (Nu), Jochen and Naomi (Mimi).’

Annie now splits her time between her Hampshire home, the ANNIE HAAK HQ in Petersfield and her second home in Bali with Johnie and BoBo the dog; she retreats to the Indonesian Island to work on new design and collection ideas.

‘Every time I visit Bali, I learn something new, I see something or someone who inspires me to design and create with the Balinese culture at the heart of each item. The wonderful colours and spirituality are reflected in my unique pieces through beautiful gems, semi-precious stones and glittering Swarovski crystals.’

Annie Haak
Annie Haak


NU & MII Designers

Annie Haak with daughters, Anoushka and Mimi
Anoushka and Mimi

Anoushka (Nu) and Naomi (Mimi) went to their mother, Annie Haak, back in 2017 with the aspiration of starting their own jewellery design brand. Annie was thrilled and humbled with the idea of her daughters launching a jewellery collection and working alongside the ANNIE HAAK DESIGNS brand.

Taking inspiration from all over the world on the fabulous worldly travels. They love the thrill and excitement of seeing their ideas come to life and become a success with the help from their talented Balinese silversmiths.

And with that NU & MII was born! Releasing their first debut range 'Abundance' in AW17, an exciting modern jewellery and fashion brand featuring unique, edgy jewellery pieces crafted in 925 Sterling Silver and 14ct plated gold.

‘It is a pleasure working with our mum, she is such an inspiration and we are lucky to have her by our side,’ says Mimi,

Annie is delighted with having the joy of watching Anoushka and Mimi work closely together and is excited to be in the position to help develop 'younger mes' who are passionate entrepreneurs hoping to break the fashion jewellery industry.

Keep an eye out for the latest collections on the ANNIE HAAK homepage.