Valentine’s Day may be here but it’s not all hearts and flowers. Annie and the team is here to advise any single gals out there on how to get over a (potential) lonesome heart. Whilst others around you are receiving bouquets of flowers, friendship bracelets and dare we say the D word...diamond rings...hold your head up high and look and feel amazing with Annie Haak Designs!


Just recently, all we seem to be hearing is that formerly hot couples are splitting up. First Demi and Ashton parted ways and then Katy and Russell announced their divorce. In the past few weeks, rumours that Johnny and Vanessa have packed it in are flying around and now it seems Heidi Klum and Seal could be on the rocks too. It’s so depressing.


But it’s not just the celebs that are suffering, we realise that this time of year can be especially tough for lone rangers when cards and roses are changing hands and your prospects are more ready meal for one as opposed to a diamond ring or special piece of jewellery. But don’t worry if you’re a single girl, Annie Haak Designs has something that will put a smile back on your face this February.


There’s so much that will tickle your fancy in our latest jewellery collection, from gorgeous sterling silver necklaces and charm bracelets to fabulous sterling silver rings and earrings. And, if you don’t have a partner then you won’t have to spend your hard-earned pennies on Valentine’s tat, meaning you’ll be able to treat yourself to something truly special. Win, win!


How about one of our fabulous Limited Edition Bracelets? These extra special, exclusively designed beauties are sure to make you look and feel amazing, raising your confidence sky-high and showing the world that you’re not just a half, you’re a whole. With only 30 of each Annie Haak design created, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re setting yourself apart from the crowd and making a real style statement. We have designs featuring cutesy hearts, flowers and butterflies but if want to gift yourself something totally unique this Valentine’s Day and embrace that independence, why not go for one of our star or animal designs?


We don’t want to hear any more talk about being left on the shelf and how you hate the day of love –  love yourself, or show your BFF just how special they are. Treat yourself to something gorgeous from Annie Haak Designs this Valentine’s Day and show everyone just how special you are.