New York Fashion Week has taken us on a tour of cultural inspirations this September; we’ve seen everything from idolising India to punk meets princess. Having a muse is so important to creatives and being motivated by culture is something that jewellery designer Annie Haak can whole-heartedly relate to.


During New York Fashion Week, Vera Wang paid homage to India with her collection but went for sleeveless jackets and subtle nods towards Nehru collars with delicate soutache embroidery and gold jewelled epaulettes rather than bright and bold sari/bindi combinations.  When talking about her collection backstage at the event, Wang said:


"The collection is out of India, but India is just the starting point. There is no belly dancing, there are no sarongs, there are no saris. It is about the sort of discipline about Indian men's clothes like Nehru, against the mystery and sensuality of Indian women — but not literally."


We think that a stack of our Seri Sterling Silver and Gemstone Rings would have added a hint towards the Indian culture’s passion for colour while our Jasmine Sterling Silver Elephant could have finished Wang’s look with a touch of stylish irony.


On the other hand, Rodarte’s collection was inspired more by popular culture, specifically medieval role playing games. It was all very Game of Thrones and demons meet damsels with combinations such as a brocade organza dress and leather embroidered bodice.  Surely, our Wanti-Wanti Wraps Sterling Silver and Leather Wrap Bracelets would have fitted the fashion accessory bill here.

Like Wang, Annie Haak is inspired by Asia. Following frequent trips to the Indonesian Island of Bali, Annie was touched by the people and atmosphere and went on to capture the beauty of the island in simple pencil sketches that inspired her early sterling silver jewellery designs. Three years on, Annie Haak Designs is going from strength to strength and each new collection still captures the Balinese heritage of the brand. For more information, please read Our Story.