One of the Annie Haak team spotted none other than Kim Cattrall just down the road from our studio this week. This got us thinking about those super-hot SATC trends that had us hooked throughout the late 90s early 00s – stunning clothes, jewellery and fashion accessories in the extreme!


The fabulous actress who played daring Samantha Jones in the hit TV show is starring as the female lead in Antony and Cleopatra at Chichester Festival Theatre throughout September and our team member was lucky enough to be seated in front of stunning Kim Cattrall at a pre-show talk. It’s shocking how amazing one can look in a hooded jumper and jeans but when you consider how bang-on-trend those four New York City girls always were, then it’s not so hard to believe that gorgeous Kim can pull off such effortless style.


Talking of style from SATC, Sarah Jessica Parker, who played ultimate fashionista Carrie Bradshaw, recently commented in an interview how refreshing both the fashion and the feel of the hit series was:


“The fashion was exciting. But what was unique and special was that the language was so new — and I don’t mean the salty, ribald, provocative stuff. A woman like Carrie was unlikable to many people in terms of how she spent her time, how she spent her money, her personal choices about children and marriage and affairs. But there was a human-ness to her that people connected to.”


Of course, while PR pro Samantha Jones style in SATC was a little spicy at times, Carrie Bradshaw was always head-to-toe in couture and started many of her own trends.  But it wasn’t just clothes that Miss Bradshaw showed us how to wear; Carrie Bradshaw had a penchant for fashion accessories, particularly Manolo Blahniks. What’s more, the stunning columnist started the trend for wearing your name close to your heart with that iconic “Carrie” necklace.


It seems, yet again, fashion has come full circle as jewellery featuring letters is so OTM. In the latest Annie Haak Designs collection you can channel Carrie’s style with an updated twist by wearing sterling silver necklaces such as our gorgeously dainty Forget Me Not Silver Heart Charm Necklace with your choice of letter, an adorable Itsy Bitsy Silver Teeny Initial Necklace or, for more of a statement, how about our Gili Initial Necklace with a choice of large solid silver initial charm on a long chain.


You can see Kim Cattrell playing feisty and fabulous Cleopatra in Chichester until 29th September.